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Twisted Metal Black (PS2) stole 4 hours of my life

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Dołączył: 16 Kwi 2018
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PostWysłany: Sro Kwi 25, 2018 2:18 pm    Temat postu: Twisted Metal Black (PS2) stole 4 hours of my life Odpowiedz z cytatem


Consoles are not my platform of choice, but I think I'll be spending a lot more time with my roommate's Playstation 2. I picked up Twisted Metal Black on the way home from work yesterday since my roommate hasn't stopped talking about how great it's supposed to be and now I'm hopelessly addicted.
First of all, the game is more fun that anything I've played in recent memory. The last couple of releases of TM for the original Playstation were disappointing. I have been told that Black was designed by the same people who brought us the first two games in the series. This release does not disappoint.
You can control your vehicle in a couple of different ways. I suggest using both analog sticks. It took a little getting used to but after about 15-20 minutes I was very comfortable with tearing up the roads at full speed.
The graphics are incredible. The PS2 may still have more potential from that standpoint, but everything looks great in this game. Each weapon appears on your vehicle with a different animation, and the weapon effects are also impressive. Framerate was smooth as silk, even when playing split-screen multiplayer while several vehicles appearing on both screens. I didn't notice a single slowdown. The arenas/environments are very well done. Even though stopping to look around can be deadly the developers put a good amount of detail into each area. You may not notice it in an all-out brawl but it definitely adds to the "wow" factor.
Weapons range from a simple "dumb" or guided missile to creative "skill" weapons and special attacks. Some weapons can be used a couple of different ways. Combine this with the wide range of vehicles and there are unlimited ways to play the game. There's a vehicle for every type of player- from small, quick, and lightly armored, to big, slow, and hard to kill.
Multiplayer has 2-4 player split screen, and you can also play multiplayer co-op through the story mode.
One other thing I have to mention is our old buddy Sweet Tooth. His special attack consists of his ice cream truck transforming into a "mech" and launching a salvo of missiles. Sounds cheesy but believe me- the effect is well done and is just damn cool.
I believe this game deserves a place in every PS2 owner's library- it definitely lives up to the hype

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